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When I was a little boy, I asked my beloved grandfather Jan to draw something for me. He took a piece of paper and crayons from the drawer and in a magic, unusual way, he drew a beautiful cat. I was so surprised by the way he did it! It seemed so amazing to a young boy like me, I wanted to draw something  just like my grandfather. I remember I was blushing during my effort. I tried so hard but in the end my drawing looked nothing like my grandpa's masterpiece. In my own mind, I failed.                 

When I went to secondary school, many subjects seemed boring to me. So in order to kill the time, I began to sketch weird creatures in my notebook. I also created a few large paintings, but it wasn't long before I stopped drawing again.                 

 This lasted until year 2012. Drawing and painting was always my biggest passion and my wife knew it very well. It was her who convinced me to grab a pencil again and she constantly motivated me to keep trying. One day she bought me a present. It was a painting set. She asked me to paint something for her. I really wanted to, but there was always something else to do. One winter evening I finally said to myself: Alright, today is the day. Ever since then my passion has been developing and growing. I dedicated myself to this colorful world of art. It reminds me of that young blushing boy I used to be. 


  Now painting is an inseparable part of my life and I can't wait to show another magic painting to the world.


Children's drawings

On basis of these beautiful drawings the artist painted colorful acrylic on canvas.

Art Print direct from the artist

Exeptional and unique.
Originally painted with acrylic paints on canvas 50x70cm
It is available to buy as impregnated print on canvas.



Daniel Szemraj

mob.: +48 796 572 748

Bank account: 97 2030 0045 1130 0000 1182 0010


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